So this was kind of a light-bulb moment for me. I thought I understood what spacing was but I don’t think I realised how powerful it could be until polishing this little section. I’d always thought of timing and spacing as being different ways of thinking about the same thing… but that is completely wrong.  Here, the timing is exactly the same. But changing the spacing of the foot totally changes the feel and force of the movement.


I think there are a number of things that make the animation on the right more successful…

  • Cleaner and more dynamic arcs
  • Spacing that favours the build-up and follow-through making the action more forceful. From Eric Goldberg’s book (a must-have): “Even if the spacing is quite wide in the middle of an action, if you prepare an audience to see the action (with cushion-outs, or an anticipation), do the action, and then follow it up with enough drawings for the eye to adjust (recoil or cushion-in), you give the audience the chance to “read” what has just happened – even if the major part of the movement has occurred quickly.” 
  • Clearer silhouettes
  • Greater contrast and change in the whole pose
  • Squash and stretch

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