Here’s my first blocking pass.

The biggest note I got from Sean last week was to make the acting bigger, so I spent a couple of days shooting and editing some new video reference. Character design took up another day so I only managed to spend 2 1/2 days on the actual blocking. It’s a little sparse and iffy in places but I wanted to get the whole sequence down. Facial poses are rudimentary.

I think it’s working okay so far. Shot 3 (F325-407) is feeling a little messy/weak to me at the moment. An alternate idea I had was instead of picking up the trashcan lid, he could grab the other guy’s hat and use that as his steering wheel. It would require some restaging but could be fun. I’ll see what my mentor thinks.

Huge thanks to Sergey Berengard for offering to rig the car for me!  It’s totally wicked and way more functional than I would have able to achieve (it also would have taken me all week :p). Owe you one, buddy!


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