Character Design

This was taking too long so I’m gonna leave the costumes basic for now and flesh them out later. I’ll give the blue pants a proper denim jeans texture and dirty both guys up quite a bit. They need proper shoes too. I can’t wait till I’m working in an environment where all this stuff is already taken care of. =D


In the top four, my mentor preferred the blonde guy with a hat and the other guy without one, so that’s what I’m going with!

For reference: Bishop_mod

I’m going for a slightly more realistic style for this piece so the head has been scaled down to about 0.68 in X and Z and 0.78 in Y (making it slightly taller than it is wide), and the hands are scaled down to 0.85. Skintone needed adjusting to look less sickly and I played with the face mod controls. I find that you don’t want to go too far with the face mods – if you push them too much it can become unappealing really quick.


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