Here we go…

Howdy! I’m an aspiring animator currently in my final semester *tear* at Animation Mentor. I thought it’d be fun (and/or more work than I should probably take on) to track the progress of my last assignment.

First off, a bit of a primer… I started the course in Spring 2013 (well it was Autumn here in NZ) and my mentors have included John Vassallo (Sony, Weta), Charles Alleneck (ILM), Drew Adams (DreamWorks), Kevin Koch (DreamWorks, Moonbot), Boola Robello (Disney, DreamWorks, Sony) and I’m currently being mentored by Sean Sexton (DreamWorks). They’re all pretty much awesome.

Here’s my reel as of now…

I’m still in the middle of polishing and rendering a lot of those pieces so it’s still a WIP. Though I suppose a demo reel is forever a WIP…  🙂

Anyway, I hope to update this blog once a week over the next few months as I work through a new demo reel piece and hopefully chronicle my progress, missteps, musings, ramblings and frustrations. Maybe it’ll motivate me to push myself harder.

More soon…


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